New hedge fund management fees edge higher

North American hedge funds which launched in 2018 are charging 1.46 per cent management fees on average, marginally higher than the global industry average of 1.40 per cent, according to data released by EurekaHedge.

The last two years have seen average management fees moving higher, following five consecutive years of decline.
North American hedge fund managers utilising long short equities strategy have successfully traded their way through the first seven months of 2018 to remain in the positive territory, returning 3.91 per cent despite the volatile market situation. On the other hand, their peers focusing on Greater China mandate struggled under the escalation of the global trade friction. The Eurekahedge Greater China Long Short Equities Hedge Fund Index is down 2.58 per cent year-to-date.
However, the losses posted by Greater China equities fund managers during the recent months were insignificant compared to the 31.88 per cent gain they registered last year. In comparison, North American fund managers utilising long short equities strategy gained 9.53 per cent in 2017.