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Sebastian Ceria, Axioma

Axioma launches axiomaBlue

Axioma has launched axiomaBlue, a cloud-based environment providing best-of-breed solutions and tools that enable investment managers to create, implement and scale unique investment strategies in a cost-efficient way.

“The business of investment management has changed,” says Sebastian Ceria (pictured), CEO and founder of Axioma. “Competition is increasing and margins are shrinking. Cost-efficient discovery, differentiation and implementation are essential to achieving superior performance. axiomaBlue is a customizable ‘no-compromises’ environment enabling investment managers to efficiently construct and scale firm-specific investment strategies to enhance competitive advantage.”
A combination of three main features differentiates axiomaBlue from existing investment-management offerings.
Firstly, axiomaBlue provides fully interoperable and integrated access to Axioma’s suite of award-winning best-of-breed solutions for multi-asset-class enterprise-wide risk management, portfolio construction and optimisation, performance attribution, custom risk models, and analytics - solutions designed specifically to be adapted and tailored to a firm’s specific objectives.
“Solutions that can be customised to a firm’s own investment process are vital to the development of competitively superior strategies and products,” says Ceria. “Using the same off-the-shelf tools as the competition immediately puts a firm at a disadvantage.”
Secondly, axiomaBlue’s cloud-native, API-first architecture gives clients integrated access to both the environment and the cloud’s on-demand computing power, to scale and to handle heavy duty analytics and data. The cloud enables research teams to build, backtest and bring to market new products and strategies faster and at lower cost, while also providing an exit strategy for firms saddled with the burdensome costs of legacy systems and technology.
“Many systems touted as cloud-based are, in fact, merely cloud-hosted, meaning they are older systems and architectures that have simply been migrated to the cloud,” says Ceria. “axiomaBlue’s cloud-native architecture - built and deployed more than five years ago – has been steadily tested, proven, developed and enhanced ever since.”
Thirdly, axiomaBlue is an open environment, enabling the integration of complementary third-party best-of-breed solutions, such as trade-order management systems, IBOR, data and accounting systems.
“Our open environment will give clients the option of making axiomaBlue either an extension of their investment-management system, or, literally, the system itself,” says Ceria. “axiomaBlue is all about access to best-of-breed solutions, the flexibility to customise, the power and scalability of the cloud, and the cost efficiencies that are a direct result of all those things combined.”
axiomaBlue will initially be offered with Axioma’s API-first best-of-breed risk solution, including new business-intelligence and dashboard capabilities. The complete suite of Axioma’s portfolio and risk management solutions, plus portfolio optimisation and multi-asset performance attribution, is now being added to the environment. Axioma will also embrace best-of-breed providers of third-party business-critical capabilities that will be seamlessly integrated into the axiomaBlue environment.

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