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Lyxor and Dymon Asia launch a global macro fund on Lyxor’s alternative UCITS platform

Lyxor Asset Management has teamed up with Dymon Asia to launch the Lyxor/Dymon Asia Macro Fund, a liquid discretionary global macro strategy with an Asian focus.

As Asia becomes increasingly important in the global economic landscape, it offers a wide range of opportunities due to the diversity of its economies, each expanding at a different pace and with different growth drivers. The Fund’s global macro strategy leverages on these asynchronous developments as a source of investment themes by exploring opportunities across the whole spectrum of asset classes (global FX, rates, equities) and seeking to provide diversified sources of return using a tactical trading style which is often beneficial, especially in times of market turbulence.   
Leveraging on Dymon’s regional expertise, the Fund uses fundamental research to develop high conviction thematic medium and long-term trades ideas, while short-term tactical trading drives portfolio optimisation. 
Dymon Asia is one of the largest discretionary macro hedge funds globally, with a nearly 10-year track record for the flagship global macro strategy. Danny Yong, the Chief Investment Officer and founding partner of Dymon Asia has over 22 years of experience in trading FX, fixed income and index futures in Asia. 
The Lyxor/Dymon Asia Macro Fund becomes the 13th fund on Lyxor’s fast-growing USD4 billion Alternative UCITS platform, illustrating investors’ growing appetite for liquid and transparent investment vehicles.
Moez Bousarsar, Deputy Head of Hedge Fund Selection at Lyxor Asset Management says: “The Lyxor Dymon Fund identifies investment themes in a market that is rapidly growing with multi-asset class opportunities. Having traded through multiple investment cycles, Dymon has a strong, regional expertise in Asian markets, allowing the Fund to be well-positioned to react swiftly to market-moving information. As an asset manager, Lyxor’s core capabilities are selecting and onboarding the best Alternative UCITS managers for our clients in their search for diversifying strategies in various market cycles.”
Danny Yong, Chief Investment Officer and founding partner of Dymon Asia says: “Dymon Asia is pleased to be launching our Macro UCITS fund with Lyxor, a leader in the UCITS space, which has had significant success in growing its platform by providing access to a broader audience to unique strategies such as Asian Macro. We are excited and committed to be working in this partnership.”

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