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Apis Capital Management lists first tokenised hedge fund on Nasdaq Fund Market

Apis Capital Management has listed its tokenised investment options, the Apis Token on the Nasdaq Fund Network, a platform for mutual funds and hedge funds, under symbol ZAPISX making it available on networks ranging from Bloomberg's Terminal to Yahoo Finance.  

Apis Token is also registered with the Cayman Stock Exchange.
Apis Capital Management focuses on volatility trading, with a concentration on VIX (Volatility Index) futures, S&P 500 Index options, and volatility based ETNs. The management team at Apis is comprised of industry veterans who have applied their extensive market experience and data analytics to create innovative strategies. Using advanced algorithmic and machine learning technology, Apis has been able to create accurate models of volatility, allowing it to profit by capturing discrepancies between predicted and actual market conditions. Going beyond the traditional short volatility trading style employed by others, Apis Capital Management's strategies incorporate both long and short components. This has enabled Apis to deliver superior returns since launching the strategy in January 2016, with superior results in many market conditions, including bull, bear and sideways markets.
Apis Capital Management's models have been successful in anticipating significant moves in volatility such as the spikes that occurred in August 2015, February 2018 and most recently in early October 2018. While these market events negatively affected asset managers who employed a more simplistic short volatility trading strategy, Apis was able to adjust its portfolio and preserve investor capital as well as positioning to profit from a continuation of high volatility market conditions.
Currently, Apis Token is available only to foreign investors, while US accredited investors can invest through the ACM Market Neutral Volatility Strategy Fund LP.

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