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AlternativeSoft is a multi-award-winning quantitative analytics software specialising in asset selection, portfolio construction and customised reporting. It is the only analytical tool on the market that allows users to build and manage a universe with data easily imported from any source including Bloomberg, Morningstar, Albourne, HFR, EurekaHedge, HFM, Preqin and many more.

Using AlternativeSoft’s powerful quantitative analytics, investors can identify top-performing fund managers as well as construct and optimise portfolios of fund allocations. 

“Our ultimate goal is to use data and knowledge to empower investors,” says Laurent Favre (pictured), CEO and Founder of AlternativeSoft. He explains further: “Investors want to look at their portfolio of funds and they want to see how their money has been invested. At the moment, investors do not know if the funds in their portfolios are the optimal choices. Our software allows them to make these comparisons and gives the end investor a better view of their investments.” 

“It places the power back into the hands of the investor. It means that their knowledge of finance doesn’t have to be superior and they will be more aware of where their money is being invested.” 

The greatest growth area going forward for AlternativeSoft will be the advisory space. Firms that offer advisory services like the Bulge Bracket Banks and other larger institutions represent key potential clients for this growing software firm. 

As a testament to its progression, AlternativeSoft plans to open a New York office in May 2019 which will house three sales people. The firm is currently still small, with a staff of thirty-seven, and continues to focus on this one piece of software to ensure the level of service it provides clients is of the highest standard. 

In 2019, AlternativeSoft plans to increase its visibility on the web. “We want to launch a new piece of web software that automatically selects the best funds from the user’s investment universe,”. Laurent Favre explains, “We discovered that there are several, simple needs that are currently unavailable on the web. These include having all the available funds in one central place, accessing fund fact sheets with correct numbers, finding the best fund without having to go through a laborious process and building superior portfolios without having a PhD.”

He says that although other tools can draw up graphics and numbers, they do not typically explain what the results mean. AlternativeSoft, on the other hand, is intuitive and easy to interpret. “For example, when using a line graph, the percentage increase is automatically compared to the fund’s universe. If the increase stated only 5%, the end user would not know whether this was a good or bad figure. So, to put it into context, the software will show you in which percentile the particular fund ranks, and the user can easily understand the figures.”

Favre says that winning the 2019 award for best risk management software means that clients clearly value AlternativeSoft and recognise the many benefits that it brings.

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