Nedelma Inc - Best Global Data Visualisation Software Provider

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As the financial industry is inundated with data on a daily basis, having an intuitive and efficient way of visualising this data and maximising analysis and insight becomes ever more important.

This year, the award for the best software provider in this space goes to Nedelma Inc, a software product solutions company offering data visualisation, business intelligence, dynamic reporting, aggregation and other products. 

Nedelma CEO Michael Medvinsky (pictured) says: “The amount of current, historical, market and other data from disparate data sources keeps increasing and very significant amounts of data are not analysed and under utilised by users. This leads to numerous opportunities being missed because of lack of data analysis. 

“We provide a state of the art, intuitive, multi-purpose, multi-language and multi-currency data visualisation platform which delivers tangible benefits to clients. Our products help clients analyse data very quickly, drill-down to underlying information and be much more efficient. Efficiency impacts numerous areas of a client’s business and helps to reduce cost, increase transparency, improve profit and positively effect performance.”

The ease-of-use element is one of the differentiators of Nedelma’s offerings from its competitors. “Our solution can be utilised by end users without or with little help of IT department. Whereas other software providers require developers or support persons being involved. It’s intuitive business intelligence,” the CEO says. Another significant differentiator is our powerful calculation engines that allows users to quickly analyse their current and historical data.

Medvinsky explains that in 2018, Nedelma succeeded in quickly addressing the needs and pain points of very complicated clients. The software helped the clients resolve difficult, expensive and time-consuming issues.

He also highlights the client-led approach the firm has taken, adapting its products to the clients’ requirements. One such development is clients need for native solutions. As a result, Nedelma offers unique desktop, web and Apple-certified iPad products which can be used together or standalone.

Moving into 2019, Medvinsky says: “We see numerous demands for companies to provide more transparency to internal and external users. The users often move away from fixed, static reports to dynamic reporting solutions. The clients have significant needs to react quickly to user requests and provide timely answers as soon as possible.”

Over the coming year, Nedelma aims to continue helping clients achieve their goals through the use of its products, by adding features to address the dynamically changing needs of the sector. Medvinsky says: “We also continue to partner and work together with other software providers to meet clients’ overall requirements. Our data visualisation, data aggregation and calculation engines are often offered as add-ons to clients’ in-house and third-party products as well as clients’ other data sources. This helps them use our products for a number of different purposes.”

Nedelma products can be used by numerous departments across a single organisation, a service which delivers tangible benefits to the client. It means users across the company can look at the centralised data and use the software collaboratively. In some circumstances, the software can also be used by end clients and external users, giving the Nedelma clients additional flexibility and diverse application of the product.

On winning the award, Medvinsky says: “It’s a great validation of our product. It confirms we’re on the right path in developing new features and delivering an efficient and dynamic service to our clients.”

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