MSR Indices unveils institutional platform for index implementation

MSR Indices (MSR) has launched an institutional investment platform, which will provide investors with access to the returns of MSR Investable Indexes through established third-party asset managers.

The platform is meant to provide a liquid alternative to investing directly with a commodity trading advisors (CTA), hedge fund, or traditional long-only manager.
"We are thrilled to provide access to the returns of MSR Indices in an efficient manner," says Michael Rulle, founder and CEO of MSR. "For a long time, the only way investors could access bespoke strategies like risk parity and risk control was through opaque, illiquid and high-fee investment solutions. MSR is changing that paradigm."
Often, institutional investors prefer to control their own portfolios. The MSR Platform allows them to do so by providing access to a wide range of risk premias in one place, where they can seamlessly integrate different investment styles, asset classes and risk management tools.
"We're pleased to offer centralised portfolio management (CPM) for MSR Indices," says Matt Kaufman, Principal at Milliman Financial Risk Management LLC. "MSR has developed a unique solution for those wanting exposures to risk parity and other futures-based strategies. We're confident Milliman's expertise in these markets will serve MSR's clients well."