CryptoCompare launches real-time order book feed

CryptoCompare, a specialist in digital asset data, has launched a real-time order book product which will enable professional and enterprise clients to create predictive analytics to monitor exchange trading in real-time and anticipate sudden changes across trading activity, asset pricing, cost of trading and liquidity.

CryptoCompare’s real-time order book feed offers streaming, standardised order book data for over 3,000 cryptocurrency pairs traded on the top tier spot exchanges, as defined by the CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark. Spanning level 1 and level 2 order books, the feed includes top bid/asks and full depth, and can be filtered by exchange, pair and depth of order book.
Charles Hayter, CEO of CryptoCompare, says: “We are excited to launch our real-time order book product. There is a genuine need for high quality market data and we believe our new product will enable digital asset trading firms and funds to gain a competitive edge by providing them with a bedrock upon which to build trading signals. We look forward to continuing to bring about increased transparency and efficiency in the cryptocurrency marketplace.”