OKEx is top crypto derivatives exchange

OKEx is the top crypto exchange in terms of derivatives monthly volume, according to a new report from CryptoCompare, a cryptocurrency market data provider.

Although OKEx saw an astonishing derivatives total volume of $90.34B in September, it is still down by 14.9 per cent when compared to August.
But OKEx is not the only exchange that saw a decline in performance, other exchanges’ volumes were also down by 1-19 per cent, as the CEO of OKEx, Jay Hao, commented on Twitter: “It’s been a tough month for us all. But let’s face it. Pain is good. It can’t be rainbows and sunshine every day. The overall crypto market simply reflects one thing - how we all perform. And now we need to do better.” 
It is also worth highlighting that OKEx represented the majority of daily derivatives volumes trading at USD3 billion per day (33.7 per cent market share).
By offering both futures contracts and perpetual swaps for 9 different cryptocurrencies, OKEx stayed ahead of the competitors in the market in terms of total derivatives volume.
Seeing the result, the CEO of OKEx, Hao, left a hint on Twitter that a new derivative will be launched in 2019: “Still, we’re proud to have stayed at the top in derivatives trading. And we will keep innovating – a new derivatives product will be launched by the end of this year!”