PEGAS spot volumes see double-digit growth in October

PEGAS, the pan-European gas trading platform of EEX Group operated by Powernext, registered a total volume of 212.0 TWh traded on the platform in October 2019, up to 12 per cent compared to 2018.

With 121.8 TWh, the spot segment reported a 15 per cent growth compared to 2018 (October 2018: 103.3 TWh) and a record month for the Austrian CEGH VTP, which traded 9.71 TWh in October 2019 (previous record in January 2019: 9.67 TWh).

A total of 90.2 TWh were traded on the futures segments, which represents a 9 per cent raise year-on-year (October 2018: 82.8 TWh).

In October, the spot segment amounted to 121.8 TWh (October 2018: 103.3 TWh). With 51.8 TWh, the Dutch TTF market registered a 43 per cent growth compared to the previous year (October 2018: 36.9 TWh). The German delivery zones NCG and Gaspool registered a volume of 40.1 TWh, a raise of 25 per cent compared to 2018 (October 2018: 32.2 TWh). Trading of quality-specific contracts reached 7.4 TWh. In France, the PEG reported 10.3 TWh (October 2018: 18.9 TWh). The Austrian CEGH VTP hit a new record and reached 9.7 TWh, up to 21 per cent compared to 2018 (October 2018: 8.0 TWh). The Belgian markets ZTP and ZEE volumes amounted to 6.8 TWh (October 2018: 7.4 TWh).The Danish market ETF registered 1.1 TWh (October 2018: 2.0 TWh). With 757 GWh, NBP reported a new record (previous record in September 2019: 442 GWh)

Geographical spread transactions reached 9.8 TWh, while the German and French locational and hourly products reported 485.4 GWh.

In October, derivatives trading amounted to 90.2 TWh (October 2018: 82.8 TWh). The TTF market reached 75.7 TWh, up to 11 per cent compared to 2018 (October 2018: 68.1 TWh).

The NCG and GASPOOL delivery areas traded 5.0 TWh (October 2018: 5.8 TWh). CEGH VTP reported a volume of 5.1 TWh, 11 per cent more than in October 2018 (October 2018: 4.6 TWh). 711.3 GWh were traded on the Spanish PVB in Octoberr 2019.The PEG market area reached 2.2 TWh, up to 51 per cent compared to 2018 (Otober 2018: 1.4 TWh). The Italian PSV hub traded 832.8 GWh (October 2018: 1.3 TWh). The CZ VTP traded 210.1 GWh (October 2018: 496.2 GWh).

The volume of geographical spread transactions accounted for 3.9 TWh and time spread transactions amounted to 3.6 TWh.