EEX Exchange Council confirms new appointment to Exchange Management Board

The Exchange Council of the European Energy Exchange (EEX) has confirmed the appointment of Dr Wolfgang von Rintelen to the Exchange Management Board of EEX.

Von Rintelen, who joins current Board Members Steffen Koehler and Tim Greenwood, replaces Dr Tobias Paulun who has resigned from the office as of 6 December 2019 to stronger focus on EEX's global growth strategy in his function as Chief Strategy Officer of EEX AG.

Von Rintelen joined EEX AG in April 2005 as Director of Legal and Compliance. In December 2005 he was appointed as Head of Market Surveillance and has been an active contributor to the Exchange Council since that time. As a result of his new appointment, von Rintelen will step down from his position as Head of Market Surveillance with Henning Hentschke taking over the role.