Hamilton Lane implements Hazeltree Private Markets to manage capital activity lifecycle

Private markets asset management firm Hamilton Lane has successfully implemented Hazeltree Private Markets to manage its capital activity lifecycle.

Hamilton Lane is increasingly leveraging technology to bolster its middle-office functions by enhancing its operational infrastructure to support growth driven by its investment success. Hazeltree Private Markets is designed to increase operational efficiencies and controls by centralising capital activity, from cash balance monitoring to movements of capital calls and distributions. Hamilton Lane partnered with Hazeltree to reduce its reliance on manual processes and to more efficiently support its continued growth and increase in investor requests.

“As we continue to grow, we’ve been focused on leveraging technology to process client data in a more timely manner and help scale effectively,” says Chris Corrao, Managing Director and Head of Operations for Hamilton Lane’s Client Services Department. “Hazeltree has demonstrated an understanding of our specific needs, and helped us convert our complex operational processes into an automated solution. We now have an enterprise view of our capital activities, and can move cash, initiate capital calls and more effectively support our investor demands.”

“Private equity CFOs and COOs are taking major steps toward making their organisations more scalable, competitive and efficient,” says Sameer Shalaby, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hazeltree. “Private markets firms have been embracing technology to meet investor demands in a cost-efficient and scalable manner.”

Hazeltree’s cloud-based solution transforms the way alternative investment firms manage their capital activities, empowering them to unlock additional value and improve operational efficiency while strengthening internal controls and managing risk. Hazeltree focuses on innovation, connectivity, and automation to help clients achieve operational excellence and enhanced performance.