Morgan Stanley appoints two to the Institute for Sustainable Investing Advisory Board

Morgan Stanley has appointed Linda Hill and Emmanuel Roman to the Institute for Sustainable Investing Advisory Board, effective immediately.

The Institute for Sustainable Investing's Advisory Board comprises prominent leaders from business, academia and leading non-governmental organisations and guides the Institute's work and strategic priorities.

Hill is the Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and chair of the Leadership Initiative. Roman is CEO and Managing Director of PIMCO.

“Our newest board members are both deeply committed to the mission of the Institute and have diversified skill sets that will provide invaluable insight and perspectives to the Institute’s Board,” says James Gorman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Stanley and Chairman of the Institute for Sustainable Investing. “We’ve witnessed a strong increase of interest and commitment to sustainable investing since we began the Institute more than six years ago. We are honoured to have Linda and Emmanuel joining the board as we develop thought leadership and drive capital towards solutions to the pressing ESG challenges we face today.”

“At Morgan Stanley, we’ve been focused on sustainable investing for more than a decade with the establishment of our global sustainable finance group,” says Audrey Choi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and CEO of the Institute for Sustainable Investing, Morgan Stanley. “Since its creation, the Institute has led work across the firm to create positive impact through thought leadership, financial products and solutions, and strategic collaborations. I look forward to working closely with Linda and Emmanuel as we continue our mission to advance the sustainable investing field and support innovative approaches to solving global sustainability challenges.”

Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing (The Institute) is committed to leading work across the Firm, with clients, and with academic institutions to help mobilise capital to sustainable solutions, via global markets and the investors who drive them. Founded in 2013, The Institute has three main focus areas: financial products and solutions that enable clients to invest in sustainability-focused strategies seeking market-rate financial returns; groundbreaking thought leadership that helps mobilize capital toward sustainable investing opportunities; and strategic collaborations with the public, private and nonprofit sectors designed to build capacity and best practices within the field of scalable sustainable investing.