Horizon Software launches new sell-side equity derivatives EOMS

Horizon Software (Horizon), a provider of electronic trading solutions and algorithmic technology, has released a new version of its global EOMS product, adding significant and unique improvements for the automation of client order/execution workflow to its already market-leading solution. 

The enhancements, which will be available globally, include a more efficient workflow to create and trade derivatives strategies and improved performance, now supporting a trading scope of over 10 million instruments.

The multi award-winning EOMS has been used by sell-side Horizon clients in Asia for some time; this international launch sees the solution with added new features resulting from Horizon’s unique experience and long-standing expertise in derivatives trading. As with previous versions, clients can benefit from market connectivity to multiple global exchanges to seamlessly access liquidity venues for best execution and manage incoming client orders. They can also use a flexible single execution solution that integrates their own trading algorithms and can dynamically manage positions, portfolios, trade allocation and risk across equity and derivatives. It will also support the ability to trade single orders as well as multi-leg options strategies.


Vincent Dumontoy, Global Head of Client Solutions and Services at Horizon, says: “We are delighted to offer these improved functionalities on our EOMS system and to see the vast array of benefits and differentiators that the integration of EOMS workflows with our Algorithmic Framework will bring to our client base. As always, this release embodies our ‘Trade Your Way’ philosophy with its easy integration of custom algorithms with rich APIs and fast, simple setup. This release has been enriched based on feedback from our clients and our unparalleled expertise in derivatives trading. We are happy to see clients in Europe and Hong Kong fully live on the solution.


“Clients use our EOMS to manage incoming client orders, create automatically listed strategies when needed, display market data and seamlessly access liquidity venues for best execution. They also benefit from a single platform to embed algorithmic strategies. Even if our EOMS is a multi-asset solution, we believe it is unique on the options market as it was developed based on our expertise in derivatives when our competitors primarily designed theirs for equities.”