Brodie Consulting Group launches in alts space

Brodie Consultancy Group, a UK-based financial services marketing and communications consultancy, has launched with a focus on the alternative funds and commodity sectors. 

The founder, Alastair Crabbe, is the former Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Marex Spectron and prior to that was the long-term Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Permal Group.

With extensive experience both in-house and also as a consultant at Maitland, where Crabbe advised many leading managers, Brodie Consultancy aims to help managers strengthen their brand, position their business and more effectively communicate with stakeholders. Its services range from client communications and factsheet design to activist and crisis communications. 

Crabbe says: “Our goal is to build a market-leading offering in this space. This sector has the smartest managers, but not always the most effective communicators, and their brand will often play second fiddle. Today, brand differentiation is hugely important, particularly in a world where there are 100s of managers offering similar strategies.

“When I started working with alternative funds twenty years ago, investors were surprised to see a website or a factsheet with more than a paragraph of anodyne copy, but the sector has moved on and expectations are for so much more. Funds have a fiduciary duty of care to communicate with their investors and today it is about offering more, not less. 

“At the base level, this should be a clearer, stronger, identity on websites, factsheets and presentations, but managers should also be looking at video, podcasts, smarter roadshows and investor seminars, and this is where we are positioning Brodie Consulting Group.” 

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