New York Institute of Finance and Google Cloud launch a Machine Learning for Trading Specialisation on Coursera

The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) and Google Cloud have launched a new Machine Learning for Trading Specialisation available exclusively on the Coursera platform. 

The Specialisation helps learners leverage the latest AI and machine learning techniques for financial trading.

Amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution, nearly 80 per cent of financial institutions cite machine learning as a core component of business strategy and 75 per cent of financial services firms report investing significantly in machine learning. The Machine Learning for Trading Specialisation equips professionals with key technical skills increasingly needed in the financial industry today.

Composed of three courses in financial trading, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, the Specialisation features a blend of theoretical and applied learning. Topics include analysing market data sets, building financial models for quantitative and algorithmic trading, and applying machine learning in quantitative finance.


“As we enter an era of unprecedented technological change within our sector, we’re proud to offer up-skilling opportunities for hedge fund traders and managers, risk analysts, and other financial professionals to remain competitive through Coursera,” says Michael Lee, Managing Director of Corporate Development at NYIF. “The past ten years have demonstrated the staying power of AI tools in the finance world, further proving the importance for both new and seasoned professionals to hone relevant tech skills.”


The Specialisation is particularly suited for hedge fund traders, analysts, day traders, those involved in investment management or portfolio management, and anyone interested in constructing effective trading strategies using machine learning. Prerequisites include basic competency with Python, familiarity with pertinent libraries for machine learning, a background in statistics, and foundational knowledge of financial markets.


“Cutting-edge technologies, such as machine and reinforcement learning, have become increasingly commonplace in finance,” says Rochana Golani, Director, Google Cloud Learning Services. “We’re excited for learners on Coursera to explore the potential of machine learning within trading. Looking beyond traditional finance roles, we’re also excited for the Specialisation to support machine learning professionals seeking to apply their craft to quantitative trading strategies.”