AcadiaSoft partners with Clarus Financial Technology to provide joint initial margin analytics service

AcadiaSoft, an industry provider of risk and collateral management services for the non-cleared derivatives community, is to launch a joint initial margin analytics service with Clarus Financial Technology (FT). 

The service, enabled by AcadiaSoft’s Access application (part of AcadiaPlus), allows Clarus FT to provide clients with margin analytics, calculations and modelling for non-cleared Initial Margin (IM).

Through the partnership, AcadiaSoft will make its IM data available via Access and provide the Common Risk Interchange Format (CRIF) data – which forms the input to the client’s SIMM calcuation  – to Clarus FT. The service can be used by trading desks and treasury funding departments among others to perform “what-if” margin impact analysis and get an early forecast of the next day's IM requirements. .
Fred Dassori, Head of Strategic Development at AcadiaSoft, says: “We’re excited to offer clients the ability to analyse and optimise IM on an intraday basis through Clarus FT’s platform. By collaborating with technology providers like Clarus FT, we continue to expand our role as the industry’s one-stop-shop for compliance with the Uncleared Margin Rules.”
Clarus FT’s technology uses CRIF files for input into the ISDA SIMM Margin Calculation, which provides the start of day initial margin baseline. New intraday trades and “what-if” trades are added to the CRIF baseline, enabling users to assess the IM impact of new or potential trades.
Amir Khwaja, CEO of Clarus FT, says: “Our partnership will provide clients with direct access to AcadiaSoft’s initial margin and CRIF data, meaning that our customers can be live with actual production data in week one. As the industry grapples with burdensome regulatory requirements, it is critical that service providers work together to streamline post-trade infrastructure.”