Former Nasdaq strategist and fintech M&A executive raising USD100m for new blockchain hedge fund

Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC), a new blockchain investment and digital currency hedge fund, officially launched on 6 January, 2020, with a focus on delivering growth capital to blockchain companies with a multi-strategy hedge fund that utilises tokens, cryptocurrencies, equities, derivatives, and private investments. 

Founded by Enzo Villani and Michael Onghai, two serial entrepreneurs with extensive experience in private equity, public equities, M&A and portfolio management came together to fill a need in the market that allows institutional investors to invest in digital assets via a professionally structured fund that deems liquidity and proven success as key investment criteria. Hedging allows the fund to manage through uncertain liquidity cycles and market evolution. 

Alpha Sigma Capital was born out of a recognised need to fund leading blockchain-focused companies that are delivering. Alpha Sigma Capital invests in firms that launched digital assets that have met or surpassed their roadmaps and expectations and require next stage capital to fuel growth. 

Enzo Villani, CEO of Alpha Sigma Capital, says: “Alpha Sigma Capital was created to invest in promising projects as we enter the adoption phase of blockchains and digital assets. As a hedge fund, we have the flexibility to invest in tokens, debt, equities, and derivatives which allows our investors downside protection while focused on above-market returns.”

Mike Onghai, CFA, Partner, says: “We don’t have a crystal ball but what we do have is the proven progress our portfolio are making. They are proving their revenue models, executing on their token economics and delivering real-world value.”