CME Group achieves record international ADV of 7.2m contracts in Q1 2020

CME Group achieved record international average daily volume (ADV) of 7.2 million contracts in Q1 2020, up 57 per cent year on year, and surpassing the previous quarterly record of 5.3 million contracts traded during the second quarter of 2019.  

This record, reflecting all trading done outside North America, was driven largely by growth in Equity and Interest Rate products, up 152 per cent and 46 per cent respectively. 

In Q1 2020, Europe, Middle East and Africa ADV hit a record 5.4 million contracts, up 54 per cent from Q1 2019. This was due to a strong performance in Equity and Interest Rate products in the region, up 139 percent and 46 per cent respectively, compared to the same period in 2019. 
Asia Pacific Q1 2020 ADV reached a record 1.6 million contracts, up 73 percent from Q1 2019. This was driven by a 195 per cent growth in Equity products, 76 per cent growth in Metals products, and 59 per cent growth in Interest Rate products in the region.
Latin America ADV was 182,000 contracts in Q1 2020, up 21 per cent from the corresponding period in 2019. This was led by a 138 percent growth in Equity products and 34 percent growth in Foreign Exchange products in the region. 
“In the first quarter of this year, we have seen unprecedented market conditions leading to increased volatility, and our record international volumes reflect a heightened need for risk management,” says William Knottenbelt, Senior Managing Director and Head of International, CME Group. “We are committed to continuing to provide a robust, liquid and regulated marketplace for clients to manage their risk around the clock and around the world.”
Globally, CME Group reported a record ADV of 32.1 million contracts during the month of March, up 68 per cent from March 2019. First-quarter 2020 ADV reached a record 27 million contracts, an increase of 45 per cent from Q1 2019.  Open interest at the end of March was 123 million contracts.