Demand for technology continues as appetite for alternatives persists

Roger Woolman, SS&C Advent

SS&C Advent: Best Managed Accounts Software Provider – As investment in alternative assets continues to rise, asset managers’ needs for technology, hosting and services are also increasing. The alternative investment arena requires specialist skills, and as the regulatory pressure for transparency and accountability intensifies, asset managers are driven to evidence their value-add while also keeping a lid on cost.

These are some of the reasons which have driven alternative managers to reach out for support from third party partners. SS&C Advent is one such player. Roger Woolman, at SS&C Advent comments: “In the past year, we have seen significant adoption by the industry of our alternative asset solutions with an important uptake in our management and investor portal technology which enhances our core technologies for trading, portfolio management and accounting. We offer an à la carte approach to clients to allow the optimal augmentation of their operation”.

Woolman says the firm has seen growth in private equity, private debt and illiquid strategies, in particular. “These asset classes are especially hands-on as compared to other strategies, so technology can be a real game-changer. The white glove approach is augmented by a slick online investor experience and improved time-frames for reporting and transparency. For liquid asset classes, in particular, data management and governance growth are driven by competition for investment allocations, and regulatory pressure”. 

However, as asset volumes increase, firms are under pressure to streamline and scale up their operations. “Growth in alternative assets continues and our capabilities and client-base have expanded organically with this trend, which we anticipate will continue,” Woolman explains.

Financial technology companies like SS&C have developed solutions to help companies modernise their operational load and increase efficiency. The firm has solutions and people with a broad and deep footprint. This enables the firm to partner with both managers and service providers to manage and account for any asset class or structure. “What sets us apart is the comprehensive nature of our solutions and their flexible deployment,” notes Woolman.

Woolman explains one of the challenges SS&C Advent faces is connecting with smaller firms: “The greatest challenge for us comes from our success with larger firms and service providers. This reputation means that smaller businesses and managers are unaware that we also have smaller clients; and pricing and solution deployment packages that suit them and their growth aspirations.”

Over the course of the coming year, SS&C Advent plans to continue to support the growing needs of alternative asset managers. “We will continue to evolve our solutions, especially the user experience, which has been another focus for us over the last year, continuing our R&D investment levels. We will also deepen our relationships and partnerships with our clients and ensure that we maintain our reputation for outstanding solutions and people,” Woolman concludes. 

Roger Woolman
Director, Funds & Alternatives, SS&C Advent

Roger Woolman joined SS&C Advent in 2011 and currently holds the position of Director, Funds and Alternatives. He is responsible for the management and oversight of SS&C Advent’s funds and alternatives business segments for the EMEA and APAC regions. He coordinates all sales efforts for the alternative investment platforms; hedge funds, private equity, private real estate funds, credit and other alternative investment strategies and executes the respective business development and marketing plans.

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