Titan Advisors to assume management of Alternative Investment Group funds

Hedge fund solutions business Titan Advisors is to assume the management of several of Alternative Investment Group’s funds with Sam Sussman, Portfolio Manager and Head of Investment Strategy at Alternative Investment Group, to join Titan and take the lead in managing those funds.

Sussman says: “I look forward to working with Titan’s experienced investment team and continuing to deliver for our investors the strong risk-adjusted returns that have always defined our strategy. The investment approach will not change as a result of the transaction and the Funds will continue to be managed to bring our investors the consistent results that we have generated over our history.” 

George Fox, Founder and President of Titan Advisors, says: “Alternative Investment Group was founded in 1996 by the late David Storrs who was the first Yale University endowment director and later President of The Common Fund, a then-USD25 billion manager-of-managers providing investment programs for educational institutions and Stewart Greenfield who was the co-founder of Oak Investment Partners, one of the most successful US venture capital firms. The firm has a long history of profitable investing in hedge funds and has been successfully running funds for the last 24 years. During that time, they have built a tremendous brand and served their investors well. 

"It is an honour for Titan to be able to work with them and their investors. We expect the integration of the Funds into Titan to be seamless, aided by having similar philosophies and fundamental investment approaches.”