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In a recent white paper entitled Evolution in Asset Management, SEI pointed out that 70 per cent of US fund managers are currently looking to deploy advanced analytics in the front-office. The field of data science and machine learning-based data analysis is helping to transform how fund managers think about data to gain a competitive edge. 

In SEI’s report, they write: “Virtually everyone is familiar with the potential value of data, but it is still not treated like a precious commodity by many firms. Through force of habit, data acquisition, integration, management, protection, analysis and disposal still often occur in an ad hoc way.”

In this latest podcast, Colleen Ruane, Director of Analytics at SEI Investment Manager Services and Mads Ingwar, Co-Founder and CEO of Kvasir Technologies, a quantitative AI-focused hedge fund, discuss how a smart approach to data consumption and management can lead to tangible benefits; not just within the front-office but across the investment firm. In short, how is advanced analytics moving from a supporting role to centre stage?  

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Read more about the impact of transformational technologies in chapter 2 of SEI’s white paper, Evolution in Asset Management. Select preferred format: US/UK

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