Tickeron launches AI-powered intraday pattern feed and trend prediction engine

Tickeron, an artificial and human intelligence platform delivering trading insights and analysis, has launched an Intraday Pattern Feed for stocks and ETFs. 

Used in conjunction with Tickeron's Trend Prediction Engine, this technology uses artificial intelligence to find trading patterns and trends by scanning the market within minutes.

Tickeron is a subscription-based market intelligence platform that gives access to the latest trading news and artificial intelligence-generated predictions while providing exclusive data and analysis to assist users with trading decisions and portfolio allocation. Real-time pattern trading is the easiest way to find entry and exit prices if you can scan thousands of stocks and ETFs within minutes using artificial intelligence to discover market trends.

Tickeron has extended its Pattern Search Engine and Trend Prediction Engine technology to intraday trading. Tickeron's Intraday Pattern Feed scans thousands of stocks and ETFs in search of patterns. Users can choose the following time frames: five minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, and one day. Intraday Pattern Feed will then scan the market to find the patterns. Then, Intraday Pattern Feed will predict target prices, breakout prices, confidence levels, and other statistics.

Artificial intelligence not only discovers these patterns, but also checks if they worked out well in the past. Knowing the success rate in the past allows artificial intelligence to establish the odds of success in the future.

"Intraday Pattern Feed is simple and takes the work out of searching the market for patterns and trends. Artificial intelligence does the work of finding your patterns, determining 'breakout' and 'target' prices, and backtesting the pattern. The artificial intelligence will develop statistics about the impact of potential trade and deliver them right to your inbox," says Sergey Savastiouk, CEO and Founder of Tickeron.