EEX reports group monthly trading volumes for July

The Power Spot Intraday market, operated by EPEX Spot, increased by 17 per cent to 8.9 TWh in July, with Swiss Intraday trading generating a significant growth rate of 101 per cent and reached 110.3 GWh. 

The Belgian and French Intraday markets grew by 22 per cent and 39 per cent year on year respectively.

The Hungarian Power Futures market, meanwhile, achieved an increase of 49 per cent with a total trading volume of 15.2 TWh (previous year: 10.2 TWh). The Dutch Power Futures market achieved its second highest volume ever with a total trading volume of 5.2 TWh which represents an increase of 61 per cent compared to the previous year (July 2019: 3.2 TWh). The Spanish Power Futures continued to grow with a total trading volume of 10.6 TWh and an increase of 9 per cent (previous year: 9.7 TWh)

The Power Options market showed a very positive development throughout the month with an increase of 83 per cent and a total volume of 6.3 TWh (July 2019: 3.5 TWh).

Despite a general slow down in the European wholesale spot gas market, EEX achieved particular success in the Belgian ZTP hub, which recorded a 55 per cent growth to 6.9 TWh and the French PEG hub which reported 12.9 TWh (+43 per cent y-o-y).

The Emissions Spot Market achieved an increase of 4 per cent with a volume of 79 million tonnes of CO2 (July 2019: 76 million tonnes of CO2). This is mainly due to the development of the Secondary Spot Market with an increase of 12 per cent to 9 million tonnes of CO2 (July 2019: 8 million tonnes of CO2).

EEX Freight continued to record major growth, achieving an increase of 2,115 per cent and a total trading volume of 72,760 lots in Futures and Options combined (previous year: 3,285 lots).