Clear Hedge Capital, Gawah Holdings, and BitGo Prime partner to focus exclusively on large institutional loans of digital assets

Clear Hedge Capital, a boutique lending group for alternative investment vehicles, and BitGo Prime, a digital asset financial services company, are to collaborate and focus exclusively on providing loans in the digital asset space to institutions with loan sizes of USD10 million and above.

BitGo Prime provides institutional investors with best-in-class service, increased liquidity, fast execution and competitive aggregate pricing. Through BitGo Prime’s industry-leading lending services, institutional clients have a trusted partner that delivers superior access to supply and world class client service. BitGo Prime’s lending and trading services were built by a Wall Street team that understands institutional investing and clients’ needs.

Clear Hedge Founder and CEO Richard Tan says: “This provides an opportunity to offer a lending service that was not previously available to institutions. We are excited to see how this partnership with BitGo enables Clear Hedge to bring traditional credit investors into this new asset class.”

Nick Carmi, CEO, BitGo Prime, adds: “Both Clear Hedge and BitGo Prime are focused on building deep, trusted relationships with large institutional clients to deliver a blend of Wall Street’s sophisticated understanding of the lending business and the best of Silicon Valley’s technology and innovation for digital assets.”

Suhail Al Ansari, Deputy Vice Chairman of Gawah Holdings, says: “The foundation of our commitment to Clear Hedge was based on a recognition of a niche opportunity identified by the leadership team. Partnering with a global leader like BitGo, would allow Clear Hedge to utilise its vast experience in structuring institutional loans and to add to BitGo’s expanding lending services.”