EQUITY X joins BT Radianz Cloud

EQUITY X, an equity valuation software and alternative data provider, has joined BT Radianz Cloud. 

The move is part of EQUITY X’s ambition to deliver the best possible experience to users of its new peer search engine, powered by machine learning, and a new feature valuing public shares based on alternative data.   

Its new peer search engine analyses target company similarity from a pool of approximately 44,000 public companies. It displays a list of comparable companies in ascending order, significantly reducing time and effort needed to objectively identify and select a peer group.
Automation of fundamental analysis, consistent formatting and excellent coverage of small and mid-caps help sell-side and buy-side firms solve data availability issues, compare reports and find alpha signals in a timely manner.
EQUITY also helps acquirers to incorporate conservative and unbiased scenarios into acquisition prices for private companies especially in cross-border M&A transactions. Overvaluation leads to higher risks of impairment losses for goodwill. EQUITY X enables firms to promptly generate full stand-alone valuation reports, share them with key decision makers and adequately manage impairment risks throughout acquisition processes. Furthermore, EQUITY X helps private and investment bankers to provide fair views on values of private shares for sellers to build strategic capital alliances and increase values of private wealth.     
Akio Kurata, Founder & CEO, EQUITY X, says: “We would like to present clients with the best digital solution and aim for them to have the best experience using EQUITY X®. BT Radianz Cloud has provided a private extranet service for thousands of financial institutions for the past 20 years, which is now widely accepted and trusted in capital markets for the provision of secure, performant global communications and support for the capital market participants - it is the best environment for us to deliver EQUITY X® and help them advance operations.”
Michael Woodman, Managing Director, Radianz Services, BT, says: “Data has never been more critical to the success of the capital market community globally. EQUITY X offers innovative equity valuation software and alternative data that can be used by a wide range of buy-side, sell-side and other capital markets participants. We are very pleased to be collaborating with EQUITY X to help them connect with new clients globally.”