Citco launches Citco Data Services to allow managers to unearth actionable insights from data

The Citco Group of Companies (Citco) has launched Citco Data Services, a new premium, web-based data integration and reporting platform designed to empower clients in improving transparency, unearthing efficiencies and driving real business value through actionable data.

“We are proud to introduce the latest dynamic tool in our best-in-class technology ecosystem – Citco Data Services,” says Frank Servidio, Head of Client Reporting, Citco Fund Services. “We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the most advanced and innovative proprietary technology solutions that make clients’ workflows more efficient and better equipped to manage today’s operational challenges. Access to data from a single source, in a modern and efficient way, is fundamental to clients’ operational needs. Citco Data Services goes one step further, empowering clients to control, explore and action their data to address their unique requirements, all within a clean, user-friendly interface.”

The platform leverages a modern, cloud-based data source to curate and present data of disparate systems in a unified manner. All of which is accessed securely in a single location and customised to suit the unique needs of Citco’s clients.

Citco Data Services has been developed as a self-service data hub for all Citco companies and business lines. It has an intuitive interface, which allows users to run data extracts from a variety of different sources within Citco. The platform also streamlines data exchanges with third-party vendors to enrich Citco’s existing data, offering the ability to integrate external data for further enhancement. Results can be downloaded directly or delivered to a predefined delivery location, such as via API, SFTP or a BI application.

The platform enables exploration of various datasets from Citco, such as detailed portfolio and PnL, delta or drift reports between two point-in-time snapshots. With the ability to run queries in order to sample the data, create new parameters for repeated use, and run and quickly turn ad-hoc queries into custom extracts, Citco Data Services has been designed to be highly flexible and customisable.