AI-driven hedge fund Quantumrock up by 4.15 per cent in November

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Quantumrock, an AI-driven investment manager, has announced strong performance for its flagship strategy Volatility Special Opportunities Program (VSOP). 

Closing the month by +4.15 per cent, VSOP heads into the month up +30.66 per cent for the year.

Michael Zeller, CIO, says: “What was touted in many 2020 outlooks as the big event of the year, the US election passed without upsetting the markets too much as they awaited the news that Joe Biden is to be the next president. Meanwhile, an end to the Covid-19 crisis is now in sight with the first three vaccines are ready to be deployed. The path to recovery, however, may still be bumpy over the coming quarters as governments grapple to control the virus during the winter months.
With the S&P500 gaining almost +11 per cent, VSOP closed the month with +4.15 per cent. The alpha overlay contributed with +0.48 per cent trading mainly seasonality patterns on long S&P 500 future exposures. The balanced component of the portfolio added an additional +3.67 per cent.”