CLSA deploys GigaSpaces InsightEdge across worldwide data centres

CLSA, Asia’s leading capital markets and investment group, has deployed GigaSpaces In-Memory Computing Platform for algorithmic trade execution and for all client and exchange-facing management systems.  

GigaSpaces InsightEdge Smart Operational Data Store (ODS), a Digital Integration Hub (DIH), reduces algorithmic trading response time and manages 3-4 million transactions per day worth billions of US dollars that are executed in over 12 countries. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Hong Kong, CLSA operates from 22 cities across Asia, Australia, the Americas and Europe, with access to major Stock Exchanges and the bulk of alternative liquidity venues, providing truly global execution services to clients.

“GigaSpaces is a high-performance, reliable data source that enables us to innovate and deliver real-time services as part of our digital transformation initiatives,” says Eugene Kanevsky, Co-Head of Trading & Execution Services at CLSA. “The platform processes and stores the firm’s transactional data and provides millisecond response time for our global trading teams and customers, driving business profitability.”

GigaSpaces’ unparalleled speed and elastic scale is derived from a high performance, distributed in-memory compute and storage engine that co-locates business logic and data in-memory and supports dynamic server-side aggregations. The ACID compliant platform ensures strong consistency which is required for any transactional trading platform. 

CLSA utilises the platform’s event-driven architecture and unified API layer for all of its applications and analytics which simplifies the system architecture, lowers TCO and accelerates time-to-market.

“We are proud to serve CLSA and power their innovative digital services and fast-growing business,” says Alon Weinstein, Regional Sales Director at GigaSpaces. “InsightEdge Smart Operational Data Store is designed for today’s cloud-native, real-time application and scaling needs which will support CLSA as they drive their digital transformation initiatives forward.”