Truss Edge launches order management and risk enhancements

Hedge and ETF technology specialist Truss Edge has introduced enhancements in both front and back office features that will further benefit the firm’s asset management clients. 

Its latest software release is focused on improvements to certain order management features as well as significant refinements to risk reporting.

Truss Edge system users can now use the firm's OMS in more flexible ways to handle market orders. A great benefit is that the Truss Edge OMS is fully part of the firm's systems portfolio management database allowing real-time portfolio impacts of orders to be evaluated at the order stage. 

In order to address possible or unintentional shorts, the order management system order limit matrix has now been enhanced to support a minimum limit and a maximum limit. This can be used to prevent orders from being created that cause short positions.

ETF managers make significant use of Truss ERdge's OMS capabilities. The firm has further automated the ‘true-up’ adjustments that occur in most ETFs daily by associating these orders with the related deal.

Truss Edge has also significantly enhanced the Sensitivity Report it provides to clients. This report is designed to allow risk managers to measure the effect of stress on a portfolio, evaluating sensitivity to rises and falls against any number of market indices.  

These enhancements include adding a total market value, allowing the de-selection for various ‘Greeks’ (formulae) for option risks and better filtering. Whilst the Greek ratios are relevant to options they are not needed for all portfolios. The firm has also enhanced the features for scheduling the report which allows for more complex data selection.

The Truss Edge Risk Reporting package has been significantly enhanced and implemented for Risk Limits, Position Concentration Limits and Margin Limits.  This allows compliance functions to have comprehensive and timely evaluations of portfolios with a complete package of reporting.

Jay Duffy, CEO of Truss Edge, says: “One of the most significant demands in risk reporting is the use of market data This can be a time consuming and inefficient process.  It is therefore critical to Truss Edge that we automate to support the efficiency that allows clients to focus on their core responsibilities.

“Therefore, we have expanded use of our risk reporting; where a new security is traded, features have been introduced in this release so that the system can now automatically consume historical marks which are needed for certain of these analyses.”