New CARL app gives accredited investors access to quant hedge fund investment opportunities

CARL has launched the CARL mobile application, a new digital investing tool that 'puts the power of quantitative hedge funds in the hands of regular accredited investors'. 

This new quant hedge fund opportunity is available now in the Apple App Store with an Android version in the pipeline.

CARL is able to bring leading global quant hedge funds to regular accredited investors with a buy-in as low as USD20k (down from standard USD1 million), real-time performance updates, and monthly liquidity never seen within quant hedge funds before. 

CARL’s CEO, Gunnar Ceuvas, believes investors shouldn’t be left with limited research capabilities and investment opportunities just because they aren’t wealthy enough to hire institutions for research. 

"CARL aims to help people open their eyes to a new digital landscape with veteran investment experts, by both making the investments available and increasing education in quant strategies," says Ceuvas. "Thanks to the new CARL tech, this is all now possible. The platform opens up a whole new world of investing with highly experienced groups and managers extending expert opportunities to more investors."

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