OTCX certifies integration with Charles River IMS

OTCX, a multi-dealer RFQ platform for off-venue interest rate derivatives, has certified its integration with Charles River Investment Management Solution (Charles River IMS). 

Together with State Street Corporation middle and back office capabilities, Charles River’s cloud-deployed software technology forms the foundation of State Street Alpha.

Charles River IMS offers its clients advanced risk, portfolio management and trading capabilities across asset classes, including fixed income and derivatives instruments. However, many of these derivatives are still traded via voice, chat or email. OTCX, by linking clients directly to their dealers, brings trading workflow efficiencies and helps dramatically reduce operational risk due to manual input. Charles River clients are now able to seamlessly request prices and negotiate fix-float interest rate swaps, overnight index swaps and inflation swaps across G10 and EM currencies.

“Certification with Charles River IMS brings peace of mind to our clients and an innovative solution to an OTC trading market that has seen limited benefit from digital disruptors. We are looking forward to continuously bringing value to our mutual clients by expanding the integration coverage and defining new OTC trading standards across rates, credit, equity and commodities. The next stage of our collaboration with Charles River will include certifying cross currency swaps,” says Nicholas Leib, Head of Product at OTCX.

“We’re delighted that OTCX is now certified on our investment management platform,” says Michael Beattie, Director, Product Strategy at Charles River Development. “Collaborating with trading platforms such as OTCX enables us to extend our solutions by providing clients with access to essential trading interfaces.” 

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