SS&C GlobeOp Forward Redemption Indicator at 2.37 per cent for February

The SS&C GlobeOp hedge fund Forward Redemption Indicator for February 2021 measured 2.37 per cent, up from 1.78 per cent in January.

"SS&C GlobeOp's Forward Redemption Indicator of 2.37 per cent for February 2021 reflects a 16 per cent reduction in redemption notices compared to 2.83 per cent reported a year ago," says Bill Stone, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SS&C Technologies. "The 2.37 per cent reading for February 2021 also marks the eighth consecutive month of lower year-over-year redemptions, as well as the lowest redemption level for any month of February since the Forward Redemption Indicator's inception in 2006. 

"Hedge fund asset retention has been generally very strong at the industry level since the Covid-19 outbreak first roiled markets in early 2020."

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