Hedge fund Broad Reach chooses Arcesium's modular Treasury Suite

London-based alternative investment firm Broad Reach Investment Management has chosen Arcesium’s modular Treasury Suite to scale its treasury operations and management functions.

The news comes as Arcesium recently expanded into Europe, announces a new office opening in London and the hire of Chris Barrow as Head of Business Development for Europe.

Arcesium’s treasury technology introduces transparency and control into Broad Reach’s collateral management workflows, providing an independent, holistic view into their data. Broad Reach can further optimise their multi-asset collateral allocation through advanced margin replication and simulation capabilities from the technology suite.

“We were looking to amplify our treasury operations through scalable technology and we could not have chosen a better time to leverage Arcesium’s Treasury Suite,” says Eddie Steel, Chief Operating Officer of Broad Reach Investment Management. “Their technology supports our processes in a scalable way across all asset classes. Our investment in this engagement has already yielded positive results, and we look forward to further enriching our partnership with Arcesium.”

Arcesium’s Treasury Suite is designed to empower fund managers to optimise funding decisions across their prime brokers, swap counterparties, and other third parties. Engineered to provide clients with a central location to oversee all of their treasury functions, the solution produces a transparent view of their complex margin calculations and financial agreements. Users can manage exposure and funding sources, supervise counterparties, evaluate and execute yield enhancement opportunities, and automate their collateral management processes, all from a single, comprehensive platform.

“We are delighted to welcome Broad Reach to Arcesium’s expanding community of clients in Europe,” says David Nable, Head of Client and Partner Development at Arcesium. “They are a model example of a multi-asset manager with a sophisticated treasury program that our platform aims to empower. We look forward to supporting them in their ambitions."

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