New EPEX SPOT Polish Day-Ahead market off to a strong start

Tuesday, 9 February marked the successful launch of the EPEX SPOT Polish Day-Ahead auction which extends the Group’s power spot offering in Central Europe. The market started off well with 33.6 GWh traded until the end of the month.

In the European Power Derivatives markets, French Futures grew by 16 per cent to 36.2 TWh, while the Austrian, Swiss and Dutch Power Futures all recorded double-digit growth rates. Nordic Power Futures more than quadrupled and reached a new monthly record at 2,192 GWh (previous record: 1,312 GWh in November 2020). Polish Power Futures also achieved their highest volume so far with 438 GWh traded in February 2021.

Power Options continued their positive development and grew by 193 per cent to 7.0 TWh. In mid-February, EEX launched new Futures Style Margin Options on Power Futures for Germany, Spain, Italy and France, increasing the choice for customers.

US Power Derivatives volumes operated by Nodal Exchange increased by 18 per cent to 218.4 TWh. Trading in US power futures set a new daily record on 9th February with a total trading volume of 56.2 TWh registered on that day (previous record: 42.0 TWh on 4 February 2020).

Japanese Power Derivatives registered 345 GWh which was the second highest monthly volume since launch in May 2020.

The European Gas Spot markets increased by 41 per cent to 170.4 TWh, almost reaching the previous record volume which EEX posted a month ago, in January 2021 (172.9 TWh). This growth was generated by the majority of gas hubs with the Austrian CEGH (+62 per cent), the UK NBP (+536 per cent), the German NCG (+86 per cent), the French PEG (+34 per cent), the Belgian ZTP (+20 per cent) and the Dutch TTF (+17 per cent) showing strong growth rates. In Germany, the GASPOOL market area posted a new record volume of 25.0 TWh which was 66 per cent above February 2020 (previous record: 21.0 TWh).

On the European Emissions markets, trading on the derivatives market more than doubled to a total of 85.8 million tonnes of CO2 (February 2020: 41.4 million tonnes of CO2). This growth was partly driven by the increased options volume. In February, a total of 10.3 million tonnes of CO2 was traded in options (February 2020: 3.9 million tonnes of CO2), all traded in the new Futures Style Margin Options, which is the highest option volume recorded in two years.
Nodal’s North American Environmental markets also reported a new high in February with 29,580 contracts traded, up 280 per cent from 7,790 contracts in February 2020. The exchange also posted a daily trading record on 26th February with 6,575 contracts.

The EEX Dry Freight markets continued to achieve significant growth, almost doubling in comparison to last year, with 98,499 lots traded in February (February 2020: 49,839 lots). In Freight Futures, volumes increased by 113 per cent while in Freight Options, volumes showed a 30 per cent year-on-year increase.

Trading in Agricultural Products reached 4,975 contracts in February which is an increase of 115 per cent. This upward development was driven largely by the European Dairy Products (+33 per cent) resulting from a strong increase in Butter (+35 per cent) and Skimmed Milk Powder Futures (+27 per cent).

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