Quant Funds choose Enfusion for investment management technology and managed services

Enfusion, a global provider of cloud-based investment management solutions and services, has signed two new clients, Dark Forest Capital Management LP, a systematic, global equity investment manager and Welton Investment Partners, a systematic investment manager, to modernise operational infrastructure, enhance scalability and increase overall efficiency. 

The client wins underscore the growing demand among asset managers and hedge funds for an innovative, cloud-native SaaS investment management framework that is underpinned by a single, golden data set as well as outsourced manpower and insights to lighten and improve the operational load. 

"Hedge funds and asset managers are increasingly looking for technology solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing systems and scale with growth, as well as smart outsourcing models that free up precious resources to be redeployed for value-added tasks," says Michel Finzi, Senior Managing Director, Head of Investment Engine Platform at Enfusion. "Enfusion's innovative approach to software and services provides the operational infrastructure, analytics and support that firms like Welton and Dark Forest are now embracing to optimise fund performance, enhance their capabilities and scale their business."   

Welton is leveraging Enfusion's full front-to-back office, SaaS-based investment management platform, as well as integrated middle and back-office Managed Services to support its growing AUM and complex investment strategies involving equity swaps, futures, FX and FX forwards, commodities, and fixed income. Enfusion's front-to-back office platform includes an Order and Execution Management System (OEMS), Portfolio Management System (PMS), accounting general ledger and analytics. It also streamlines typically time-consuming manual tasks by automating security master updates and seamlessly processing all the corporate actions and dividends associated with trading equity swaps. 

"With a track record of more than 15 years and active trading in complex instruments globally, we were at an inflection point," says Guillaume Detrait, President at Welton. "Allocate more resources internally to bolster our in-house system, or find a new one that could deliver enhanced functionality and truly scale? Enfusion's comprehensive solution gives us the horsepower for long term growth and their integrated managed services further streamline and strengthen our middle and back office operations so that we can focus on improving investor performance." 

Dark Forest is utilising Enfusion's technology platform for shadow accounting and analytics. Enfusion is fully integrated with their existing EMS, and because Enfusion's back-end is underpinned by Google BigQuery, Dark Forest is able to maximise the value from their wide range of bespoke programming techniques such as SQL, Jupiter, AI, Machine Learning and more to generate orders, analyse trade performance and continuously improve their high-volume trading strategies.  

"We were seeking a solution that was innovative and flexible for accounting and analytics; one that allows us to fully deploy and optimize our quantitative models," saisaysd Michael DeAddio, Chief Operating Officer at Dark Forest. "Not only does Enfusion provide us with the operational infrastructure to increase enterprise efficiency, but also their out-of-the-box, cloud-based data warehouse solutions easily integrate into the reporting and analytics tools that we use currently. As such, we can derive truly meaningful insights to optimise our investment portfolio and easily create customised reporting at a fraction of the time and effort that would be needed with other solutions."