Blackthorne Sentiment Enhanced Strategy launches on Efficient Capital Management's fund hosting platform

Blackthorne Capital Management (Blackthorne), a commodity trading advisor specialising in absolute-return trading strategies, has launched the Blackthorne Sentiment Enhanced Trading Program on Efficient Capital's fund hosting platform.  

The partnership will provide Blackthorne with a superior, well-established infrastructure that has undergone rigorous due diligence reviews by large institutional investors and investment consultants – a key benefit of Efficient's platform.   

"We are thrilled to enter into this significant new partnership with the launch of Blackthorne's Sentiment Enhanced Trading Program on Efficient's platform. The hosting of our Trading Program on Efficient's platform enables us to focus on what we do best – manage money – while Efficient structures and operates the fund and provides us access to top-tier service providers from the very start," says Peter Layton, CEO, and Founder of Blackthorne. 

Blackthorne's Sentiment Enhanced Trading Program seeks capital growth through a diversified portfolio consisting of long and short commodity and financial futures. The models use Blackthorne's proprietary analytic and trading software in combination with alternative data sources, such as market sentiment data extracted from Twitter, to identify and execute mispriced futures. The Trading Program is mainly comprised of sentiment momentum models that trade long or short based on the strength of positive or negative market sentiment. Incorporating long and short holdings of multiple liquid futures including agricultural, energy, equity index, interest rate, and metals allows for large-scale diversification.

"Efficient is excited to host Blackthorne's Sentiment Enhanced Trading Program on our Fund Hosting Platform.  We value Blackthorne's innovation in the financial markets, industry expertise, and impressive leadership," says Curt Bradshaw, Managing Director of Efficient Capital Management.

Structuring and managing funds for clients for over twenty years, Efficient has made its infrastructure available to managers as a service to the broader managed futures community. By lowering the barrier to entry into the space, Efficient enables investors to access a wider range of quality managers.  Efficient's investment products and services are available to financially sophisticated investors who meet certain eligibility criteria.