Dalzell Trading parters with Unicus Research

Dalzell Trading has entered into a joint marketing and research payment agreement with Unicus Research.

Unicus Research is an investment research firm dedicated to providing asset managers proprietary and custom research strategies. Dalzell Trading is an outsourced equity and options trading firm that will facilitate the efficient payment for research strategies from Unicus Research.

David Dalzell, founder and CEO of Dalzell Trading, says: “We are thrilled that Laks Ganapathi and her team at Unicus Research have partnered with us to provide best-in-class services to asset managers. Dalzell Trading will provide Unicus clients with a professional trading desk dedicated to streamlining each client’s payment for Unicus’ research while providing best execution. We look forward to working closely with Unicus, their outstanding team of financial professionals, and their research clients.”

Ganapathi says: “I am excited that Unicus has formed a partnership with Dalzell Trading. Dave Dalzell and his team are accomplished traders and proven financial experts who provide concierge services to their clients. Unicus Research will provide Dalzell clients with actionable ideas, proprietary/investigative research, by acting as an outsourced expert research platform to Dalzell’s clients. We look forward to mutually supporting our clients to grow their businesses."

Dalzell Trading is an outsourced equity and options trading firm. Dalzell Trading provides professional trading to hedge funds, investment managers, and research providers eliminating (or reducing) the fixed expense of in-house traders while empowering managers to focus on portfolio management and asset gathering. The firm combines current trading technology and highly experienced traders allowing each client to view the firm as their dedicated buy-side trading desk.

Unicus Research is the asset manager’s dedicated equity investment research platform providing global research on long/short equity investments. Unicus Research eliminates the considerable time and expense of building an in-house research team. Unicus Research delivers proprietary research strategies from seasoned industry experts to the asset manager. Unicus empowers asset managers by providing custom research so that the managers can focus on their portfolios.

The combination of these two firms provides a great opportunity for asset managers of all sizes and styles to focus on growing their business while consuming high quality independent research from Unicus Research and executing their trades with Dalzell Trading whose interests are aligned with each client.

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