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Cowen Outsourced Trading

The concept of outsourced trading is not new to hedge funds, but its relevance has arguably come to the fore over the last 12 months as managers of all shapes and sizes seek out ways to run their businesses as cost-effectively as possible.

Lying at the heart of the proposition is the ability to leverage a team of outsourced trading professionals located in multiple jurisdictions, who act as a genuine extension of the front-office. 

Not only does this give hedge fund managers the chance to run their portfolios using a ‘follow the sun’ trading model (if they have a global mandate that is), it avoids them having to build their own expensive trading infrastructure, as well as the associated costs of hiring top talent. 

In this latest report, we deep dive into how Cowen’s Outsourced Trading Solution is able to support hedge funds with an array of services, and what its growth outlook is for 2021. 

Click here to read the report and here to contact the Cowen team.


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