EPFR Launches Dataset providing new market insights from global hedge fund flows

EPFR, a subsidiary of Informa Financial Intelligence and a specialist in the provision of fund flows and allocation data to financial institutions, has launched a Hedge Fund Flows dataset. 

The new offering applies EPFR's core competency in a combined database between EPFR and partner, Backstop BarclayHedge, delivering clients investment insights from a particularly discrete investor type.

The dataset provides non-estimated fund flow calculations at the fund level, offering a precise proxy of investor sentiment and hedge fund activity, and granularity to derive better insights. When viewed alongside EPFR's mutual fund and ETF data that tracks USD48 trillion in global capital flows, Hedge Fund Flows offers investors a more complete view of market drivers supporting investment and risk management decisions.

"Our clients have expressed significant interest in hedge fund analysis, and we're pleased to bring Hedge Fund Flows to market with the support of our Backstop BarclayHedge partner," says Cameron Brandt, Director of Research at EPFR. "EPFR has a long-standing history of empowering investors with timely fund flows and allocations insights, and this new offering continues that mission, helping clients make more informed investment decisions."

BarclayHedge has been collecting hedge fund performance data for more than 30 years and is recognised as a trusted source of fund performance information helping allocators make better fund selection decisions.

"Providing clients with hedge fund performance benchmarks and analytics is core to our business," says Sol Waksman, President at Backstop BarclayHedge. "We are excited to collaborate with EPFR to better service the wider investment community with this new fund flows dataset. EPFR is recognised as a market leader and is a valued partner in this new product launch."

Hedge Fund Flows is the latest addition in a suite of offerings that includes EPFR's Fund Flows and Allocations, China Share Class Allocations and FX Allocations datasets.