AltsAxis launches mobile-first platform and social network for alt asset managers and allocators

AltsAxis has launched its proprietary mobile technology ecosystem connecting all parties across the alternative investment industry on one centralised platform. 

Led by a team of experts with decades of experience in the alternative investment industry (including Mark Salameh, Co-Founder and former CEO of Context Summits), the company was formed to fill the unmet need for a one-stop shop where family offices and institutional allocators can find unconflicted, real-time data on alternative asset managers, and fulfil all their sourcing requirements for these asset classes.

"At a time when interest in alternative investments is rising, allocators often find it challenging to access comprehensive, real-time data on asset managers in a historically opaque and fragmented area of the market," says Mark Salameh, Founder and CEO of AltsAxis, LLC. "Providing truly unbiased data on strategies and managers across the alternative investment universe in one mobile environment—while offering a social network where managers and allocators can interact and learn more about each other via their handhelds, tablets, or desktops with no disruption, pressure, or loss of functionality."

The AXIS Platform is designed as a one-stop shop where family offices, pensions, endowments, foundations, and other institutional investors allocating to alternative investments can securely access up-to-date data on a broad spectrum of alternative strategies and managers. The easy-to-navigate mobile platform offers data modelling and visualisation features that enable allocators to seamlessly conduct due diligence, create model portfolios, and make alternative investment decisions. 

All alternative asset managers are welcome to have their strategies represented on the AXIS platform at no cost. For managers, the AXIS solution provides the opportunity to seamlessly update data, communicate with current and prospective investors, and receive investor and peer feedback at a fraction of historical time commitments and related marketing costs.

The AXIS Platform's Proprietary Social Network enables allocators and managers to securely foster relationships and share information on an ongoing basis—from the convenience of their hand-held devices. 

Beginning in Fall 2021, LiveAxis, the Events Offering of AltsAxis, will host a slate of in-person events to complement the AXIS platform. Focused solely on meetings, LiveAxis provides a venue for allocators to conduct a very important step in the due diligence process while also satisfying sourcing needs.

"While offering robust data and analytics is important for sourcing alternative investments, we understand that information alone cannot serve as a full substitute for personal relationships," says Salameh. "We have created a full capital-introduction system within a mobile, secure social network infused with continuously updated manager data. The facilitation of virtual and in-person introductions to the broad spectrum of alternative asset managers on our platform is key for delivering the transparency that empowers allocators to make informed investment decisions over the long term."

"The Covid-19 pandemic reminds us that investment professionals need to be as productive at home or on the road as they are in the office. We designed our ecosystem to deliver a consistent experience where you can get business done regardless of where you are, or whether or not you are comfortable resuming in-person meetings," says Sarah Sisnett, Chief Operating Officer of AltsAxis, LLC. "Our proprietary tools are built to meet today's needs, and tomorrow's mobile requirements—and we will continue to work with members of the alternative investment community to strengthen our seamless user experience."