EEX Group European power spot markets up 6 per cent in August

EEX Group's European Power Spot markets volumes were up up 6 per cent in August to 50.4 TWh y-o-y driven by both Day-Ahead (+6 per cent) and Intraday (+3 per cent) markets

Power Derivatives in Europe reported double-digit growth to 313.7 TWh driven by record volumes on Nordic markets achieving 3.4 TWh, triple-digit growth on Belgian, Austrian and Swiss markets, and an almost  doubling of options 12.7 TWh.

A record number of contracts were cleared in August for Japan Futures with a growing number of new participants: 988 contracts traded along the curve in August amounting to 707 GWh.

US Power Derivatives increased by 28 per cent to 164.1 TWh

Thenatural gas markets saw great performance on both spot (+15 per cent to 111.5 TWh) and derivatives (+47 per cent to 70.6 TWh) in European markets with spot markets seeing double and triple-digit growth for the majority of hubs.

In derivatives markets meanwhile, German GASPOOL volumes grew almost six fold compared to August 2020 and Dutch TTF was up 48 per cent.

EGSI Futures saw record participation on Friday, 27 August, with 270 contracts traded representing 10 per cent of overall TTF Derivatives that day.

North American environmental markets rose by 176 per cent to a new record volume of 31,703 contracts (previous record in February 2021: 29,580 contracts).

Dry Freight markets meanwhile, were up 60 per cent to 87,988 lots driven by Freight Futures which almost doubled to 76,868 lots.

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