Regulated Investment Exchange launched by Bitfinex Securities

Bitfinex Securities, a provider of blockchain-based investment products, has launched a regulated investment exchange in the AIFC Fintech Lab, aiming at increasing accessibility to a large set of financial products for eligible members who wish to diversify their portfolio.

The Bitfinex Securities platform is designed to facilitate the raising of capital for issuers seeking to have their tokenised securities publicly traded through an easily accessible ‘admission to trading’ process. This meaningful step for the industry will widen access to a variety of innovative financial products, including notably blockchain-based equities and bonds, along with investment funds.

“As a pioneer in blockchain-based securities, we aim to be the most liquid exchange of its kind in the world,” says Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex Securities Ltd. “Bitfinex Securities Ltd. provides a regulated platform serving small and medium-cap companies that are currently underserved by existing, inefficient capital markets.”

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