Signal Stream to pioneer trading signals best practice

Trading signals provider Signal Centre has launched Signal Stream a new platform to better support traders through the ‘noise paralysis’ of inaccurate and confused signal reporting. 

As an FCA approved and regulated firm, Signal Centre, which applies technical analysis to a range of indices, currencies and commodities to empower brokers to access high quality, rich data signal insights, overhauled its platform to maximise the trader’s user experience and also their engagement. 

Signal Centre believes it is demonstrating best practice within the industry. In the most recent feedback from Signal Centre clients over 80 per cent of traders preferred to engage and utilise Signal Centre’s new dashboard as opposed to another non-FCA regulated competitor. By offering traders a customised and personalised experience they are better positioned to interact and understand the complete picture of signal trading opportunities. From dynamic emails, instant messaging, fast APIs to dedicated MT4/5 plugins and widgets for web, Signal Centre has revolutionised the way in which traders access market insights.
Steve O’Hare MSTA, Director, Signal Centre, says: “We’ve worked intensively alongside some of the best AI and fintech data academics to develop a trading tools platform that cuts through the noise of often misleading trading information straight to the heart of signal reporting. The pandemic and the explosion of cryptocurrencies has had an unprecedented impact on the uptick of new and often inexperienced clients playing the market. As an FCA authorised and regulated company it’s our responsibility to ensure we are continuously evolving our service to provide market clarity while applying surgical precision to our technical analysis.”

Signal Centre’s Signal Stream is a tool that unlocks trading tips at all levels from novice to advanced traders through a tiled visual experience giving traders an interactive and intuitive approach. The updated platform includes significant sophisticated AI back-end updates which incorporate the very latest advancements in fintech innovation. All clients are now able to access industry leading sentiment analysis tools, alpha generating alternative data integrations and economic calendars to give greater clarity on the signals and strategy that shape trading ideas.

Expert technical analysis, trading strategy, alternative data sets and investment decision tools are combined all in one view and include new radial gauges to explore sentiment scores and financial events forecasting to better understand market insights based on current and world affairs. Signal Stream is also integrated with the MT4/5 platforms allowing traders to capitalise on its advanced trading and charting features with integrated stock prices especially around futures and options.

The fintech overhaul of the trading tool platform comes hot on the heels of the acquisition of Signal Centre by AI research and fintech data pioneers Acuity Trading who opened a specialist AI data analytics research and development hub in Barcelona last month.

Andrew Lane, CEO Acuity Trading, says: “Signal Centre is one of a small number of providers of trading signals that is authorised and regulated by the FCA. With this accolade comes responsibility; it’s imperative that we continue to pioneer best practice in the fintech sector and develop technologies that both enhance the trading experience but also provide clarity and a traceable narrative behind each signal. The Acuity trading team takes great pride in collaborating with Signal Centre to develop market leading fintech products and this is the very beginning of a journey that will see the online trading experience of investors revolutionised in the months ahead.”

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