Caravel Capital appoints Genesis to provide fund admin services

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Caravel Capital Fund, an event-driven market-neutral hedge fund based in Nassau, The Bahamas, is now open to accredited US investors following the appointment of Genesis Fund Services Limited as the fund's administrator.

Genesis will handle all fund administration, registrar, and transfer agency duties. As part of its product offering, Genesis provides the fund with Net Asset Value
accounting, FATCA reporting, and other Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Eligible accredited US investors are now able to invest in the Caravel Capital Fund Ltd with a minimum of $100,000.00.

The Caravel Capital Fund outperformed major indices in H1 2022 with a 2.3% (net of fees) return, generated 30.78% returns in 2021, and has obtained annualised returns of 17.61% since inception in 2016 while maintaining a Sharpe Ratio of about 2. The investment team utilises several strategies, including but not limited to convertible arbitrage, relative value arbitrage, capital structure arbitrage, merger arbitrage, distressed debt, and alpha long/short.

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