Linedata Navquest 'optimises' fund monitoring solution

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Linedata (Euronext Paris: LIN), a global provider of asset management and credit technology, data and services, has launched an optimised version of its Linedata Navquest fund monitoring solution.  

As part of its commitment to expand its offerings, Linedata is integrating both functional and technological enhancements into Linedata Navquest with two key objectives. Firstly, by broadening the range of risks covered, Linedata reduces the margin of error in the day-to-day monitoring of Net Asset Value (NAV) by fund industry players. Secondly, by enabling automation and streamlining cloud-based processes, the principle of continuous development and integration (CI/CD) is upheld within the Linedata AMP platform. 
Linedata Navquest's intuitive dashboards support control teams in working more efficiently to respond to the ever-expanding scope of obligations associated with increased regulation. All industry players, from asset managers to fund administrators, management companies and custodian banks (through their oversight departments) can now focus on covering all new risks for their clients, such as cash flow monitoring and safekeeping monitoring, via a unified tool. 

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