Tech veteran launches global macro and technology hedge fund

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Apjit Walia, a tech veteran with over 20 years' experience researching technology companies as a sell-side analyst, and running portfolios at some of the largest global macro hedge funds, is launching DVN Capital, a global macro and technology hedge fund.

Walia, whose previous employers include Caxton Associates and Moore Capital, is assembling a team of seasoned investment professionals with extensive experience in both technology and global macro at DVN Capital. Walia says the team will employ a rigorous process to identify high-potential investment opportunities using AI as well as bottom-up research.

DVN Capital will invest in public companies that are well-positioned to benefit from the latest technological innovations. The fund will also focus on global macro trends and opportunities, with an emphasis on areas such as trade, geopolitics, and central bank policies. 

"As technology continues to permeate every sector globally with AI and Quantum computing starting to finally make a decisive impact, newer companies and paradigms will emerge," said Walia. "We would aim to monetise this structural shift. Also, global macro typically does well when technology companies underperform as shown in the last two decades. We would aim to harness the global macro risk premia to hedge these periods of uncertainty."

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