Hedge fund Hunting Hill launches crypto affiliate

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New York-based hedge fund firm Hunting Hill Global Capital, a specialist in global arbitrage investments with $364 million in assets under management, has launched a new crypto and digital asset-focused affiliate, Hunting Hill Digital (HHD), with the backing of early-stage VC investor BaseLayer ventures.

HHD will focus on emerging investment opportunities in digital asset management, and according to a statement, will "seek to capitalise on the growing demand for investment managers that combine extensive experience managing complex trades and portfolios, disciplined risk management practices, and proprietary operational capabilities with a 'crypto-native' understanding of the digital asset universe". 

HHD’s growth strategy includes exploration of opportunities in tokenisation and NFT asset management, which aligns with BaseLayer Ventures’ investment mandate to help entrepreneurs build businesses "essential to the commercialisation potential of digital assets and services". 

The partnership with BaseLayer Ventures also provides HHD access to a vast network of industry experts and advisors, as well as operational support, strategic guidance, and access to capital markets.

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