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Cache busting

Cache busting

When agencies supply code with cachebusting tags it is important that these are replaced by the openx "magic macros", so that cache-busting occurs in users browsers and impression rates increase.

The cache busting supplied by the agency tag normally looks something like this (or a similar derivative)..[RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE]&ff=dfdfdfd

Note there are several variations on this but the point is that you are looking to replace everything including the square brackets with the following…


Yes, include the braces in the replacement. So in the example above you would end up with… {random}&ff=dfdfdfd

nb: there can be multiple cache-busting tags in one ad, you must replace them all


Ensure that for flash movies where an .swf is provided that the transparency checkbox is selected. This allows MPU’s and the login thickbox to appear over the top of these ads…