Digital Assets Report

    1. Subscriptions of the following Data Packages are available, including all updates made to those Services. The rights to use the following Data Packages will lapse at the discretion of GFM: 
      1. hedgeweek  
      2. etfexpress  
      3. privateequitywire  
      4. institutionalassetmanager  
      5. propertyfundsworld  
      6. wealthadviser  
    2. Data Packages are supplied on license to the Customer from the date of supply until the expiry of the subscription period set out in the Statement of Work or as otherwise agreed between GFM and the Customer and cannot be used after that period. Where Data Packages are supplied under a perpetual licence, all terms and conditions relating to the purchase of that Data Package apply in perpetuity. Data Packages can only be cancelled on the expiry of the subscription period and no refunds shall be given to the Customer where early cancellation is confirmed to GFM.  
    3. GFM accepts no responsibility or liability for any form of communication between the user and the post holders and organisations within data supplied by GFM. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure compliance in regard to their activities with both these terms and any prevailing legislation pertinent to and connected with usage or processing of the data supplied. 
    4. The Customer shall not publish any part of the Data Package on the internet or any other electronic publishing system. The Customer is not permitted to include material from any Services in any published work without requesting prior written consent from GFM as the copyright owner and the use of material may be subject to an additional fee.  
    5. The Customer shall not sell or supply the Data Packages on any terms whatsoever, whether in whole or in part, or other information derived wholly or in part from the Services, on any media, to any third party without permission.  
    6. The Customer acknowledges that GFM has taken all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of data and cannot accept responsibility or liability for errors or omissions from the data or for any consequences arising under such circumstances. The deliverability of email addresses is specifically not guaranteed due to multiple factors beyond the control of GFM, included, but not limited to Server Blacklisting, Full Mailboxes, File Size Limits, Anti-Spam Software and Firewalls.  All data that is found to be inaccurate can be returned to GFM and will be validated, updated and returned to the user or in some other way made available within a reasonable time. In no circumstances whatsoever shall GFM accept liability for consequential loss or damage resulting from the use of the Data Package. 
    7. Neither GFM, nor any of its consultants, agents, representatives or employees accept any liability for any loss or damage, including any loss of profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential loss occasioned to any person no matter howsoever caused or arising as a result of or in consequence of action taken or refrained from in reliance on the contents of the Data Package. 
    8. GFM undertakes to supply the Data Packages in the format or version specified and makes no guarantee as to the compatibility of the product with any computer hardware or software. The responsibility to ensure the compatibility of the Data Packages with the Customer’s computer system and subsequent suitability for its purpose, rests with the Customer alone. 
    9. Electronic copies of the contents of a Data Package are provided by GFM to the Customer on a non-exclusive, non-transferrable license. 
    10. The Customer in receipt of a Data Package may: 
      1. save the electronic copy of the Data Package to the hard disk of a personal computer; 
      2. make print outs of each Data Package for personal use only; and 
      3. include information for the Data Package in presentations and internal documents, provided the material acknowledges GFM as the copyright owner. Use in external documents can only be made with the prior written consent of GFM. 
    11. The Customer is not permitted to: 
      1. email or otherwise transfer or pass on electronically the electronic copy of a Data Package to another person who is not authorised to use it. 
      2. store an electronic version of the Data Package on a hard disk of a computer which can be accessed by any person not authorised to use it. 
      3. copy an electronic version of the Data Package to a compact disc, DVD, USB or other removable storage medium, other than for temporary personal use.  
      4. publish an electronic version of the Data Package or sections of the Data Package on a company intranet, the internet or any other electronic publishing system. 
      5. modify or re-work the Data Package in any way. 
      6. distribute, lease, rent, sub-licence, charge for or sell the Data Package, whether in hard or electronic copy.